Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Unlimited Structure Deck

  • Марка: Konami
  • Кат. номер: YGO-SBEWDU-SD-EN
  • Език: английски.
  • Възраст: 6+


Произведено в Белгия.


Дек лист:


Name  Rarity  Category 
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare Normal Monster
Rabidragon Common Normal Monster
Alexandrite Dragon Common Normal Monster
Luster Dragon Common Normal Monster
Flamvell Guard Common Tuner Monster
Maiden with Eyes of Blue Super Rare Tuner Monster
Rider of the Storm Winds Common Tuner Monster
Darkstorm Dragon Common Gemini Monster
Kaiser Glider Common Effect Monster
Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit Common Effect Monster
Mirage Dragon Common Effect Monster
Divine Dragon Apocralyph Common Effect Monster
The White Stone of Legend Common Tuner Monster
Kaibaman Common Effect Monster
Herald of Creation Common Effect Monster
Kaiser Sea Horse Common Effect Monster
Honest Common Effect Monster
Shining Angel X2 Common Effect Monster
Dragon Shrine Super Rare Normal Spell Card
Silver's Cry Common Quick-Play Spell Card
Burst Stream of Destruction Common Normal Spell Card
Stamping Destruction Common Normal Spell Card
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon Common Normal Spell Card
Trade-In Common Normal Spell Card
Cards of Consonance Common Normal Spell Card
White Elephant's Gift Common Normal Spell Card
One for One Common Normal Spell Card
Monster Reborn Common Normal Spell Card
Dragonic Tactics Common Normal Spell Card
Soul Exchange Common Normal Spell Card
Swords of Revealing Light Common Normal Spell Card
Enemy Controller Common Quick-Play Spell Card
Castle of Dragon Souls Common Continuous Trap Card
Fiendish Chain Common Continuous Trap Card
Kunai with Chain Common Normal Trap Card
Damage Condenser Common Normal Trap Card
Call of the Haunted Common Continuous Trap Card
Compulsory Evacuation Device Common Normal Trap Card
Champion's Vigilance Common Counter Trap Card
Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon Ultra Rare Synchro Monster



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